Opportunity Into Revenue

We help CEO’s build stronger leadership teams, better performing organizations, and more valuable enterprises.

How? By improved focus, clarity, collaboration, execution, and communication.

Mark Capaldini, an experienced CEO himself, acts as your sounding board, peer, resource, coach, confidential advisor, and “nudge.”  He helps strengthen your leadership team as a teacher, facilitator, and coach.

Opportunity into Revenue (OiR), focuses on serving companies with revenue $5-50 million in the MSP metro area.  Mark Capaldini has led three companies in that size range, so his insights are based on actual operating experience.

OiR supports improved profitability, consistent revenue growth, strategic focus, execution, and stronger, better aligned, more accountable leadership teams.  These improvements result in lower stress and a fuller life for the CEO — and for the entire team.

OiR offers a unique range of EOS® implementation options, including project work or ongoing support of companies self-implementing EOS.

Are you facing one or more of the following challenges?

  • Minimal revenue growth.
  • Profitability below historical average and/or industry benchmarks
  • Need for sharpened strategy, with clearer targets, marketing support, and sales process
  • Greater alignment and accountability on the leadership team
  • Unsustainable CEO workload and personal stress
  • Greater assumption of responsibility by leadership team members
  • Practical plan for increasing company value

Our services help you convert your Opportunity into Revenue

My Traction®/EOS® approach is unique in the following ways:

  1. Offerings for EOS Self-Implementing companies. Self-implementing makes sense for most companies.
  2. Comprehensive Traction/EOS Spectrum, including both EOS “Pure” and enhanced models.
  3. Pricing for facilitation scaled to company size.
  4. EOS Implementer with CEO experience in three companies, with revenues $10-47 million.

Communication is an essential element of effective leadership.  And it has bottom-line impact, either positive or negative.   Is your company maximizing the impact of company-wide or “all hands” meetings?

Improving the quality of your company’s communication is difficult.  It requires experience, insight, and an understanding of your company’s strategy, culture, and needs.

Facing marketing or sales challenges with your B2B service business? I may be able to help. By leveraging over 30 years of management experience, including roles as President and/or CEO of three B2B companies with revenues $10-47 million, I can help guide your business to profitability.

Sometimes a CEO needs an independent perspective and a sounding board. Professional advisors who have an existing professional relationship may not be completely objective. And they may be understandably reluctant to have direct, penetrating, and open discussion about the challenges facing the CEO and the company. That’s where I come in.

Most private company CEO’s have an informal advisory board, including an accountant, an attorney, a banker, and other professionals or friends. A CEO Peer Group may also provide useful advice. This informal approach often works well.

But what happens when those informal advisors offer advice that leaves big gaps? Or when those advisors provide conflicting advice?