• March 20, 2015

CEO’s Need Mentors Too

CEO’s Need Mentors Too

CEO’s Need Mentors Too 698 400 Opportunity Into Revenue

Today CEO’s face complex and dynamic challenges. While there are terrific resources available through CEO peer groups, all too rarely do CEO’s consider their options for mentors.

In the April 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review, Suzanne de Janasz and Maury Peiperl concisely present the results of research concerning CEO’s who have utilized mentors. (See the link below for full text of the article.)

While the article and the supporting research focus on large, publicly-traded companies, the issues and the benefits also apply to smaller, private company CEO’s as well.

There is simply no substitute for experience. Conferring with a mentor who has occupied a similar role and who has faced similar real-life situations is invaluable.

In my own consulting and EOS facilitation work, both which include a mentoring component, I often observe that my experience as a CEO and President doesn’t always point to the right answer. But it often can help avoid many of the wrong answers. Experience in a hard teacher — but there is no substitute for it.

The HBR article is only 4 pages long. Worthwhile for all CEO’s, regardless of company size.

Read the full article on Harvard Business Review.

Photo attribution: Mark Capaldini, Florence, Italy, 29012