• May 27, 2013

Core Values at Opportunity into Revenue

Core Values at Opportunity into Revenue

Core Values at Opportunity into Revenue 698 400 Opportunity Into Revenue

Several years ago, my colleagues at Thomson Reuters in the Government Segment, Law School Libraries, and Global Legal Products helped me articulate some important assumptions about the way we approached our business.  The entire document fit easily on one page — and none of the statements had more than nine words.  But these concise statements of our “Business Beliefs” served as an important reminder of the unspoken rules that drove our day-to-day behavior.

I kept that one page statement and have adopted it for Opportunity into Revenue.  In this post, I will briefly discuss the the three core values which served as the foundation for everything else.

  1. Integrity is paramount. “Paramount” means “superior to all others.”  This was our first and bedrock value.  Enough said.
  2. Do the right thing for the long term.  Sometimes there are multiple good answers to a problem.  We favored the one that was best for the long term.  Often that is not the easiest or most popular choice.  Some day I hope that our nation will hold our politicians to this standard.
  3. Excellence creates opportunities.  The best possible quality is not always recognized or rewarded in the short term.  But it does pay off in the longer term.  Some patience and persistence may be required.  In the meantime, take satisfaction in simply doing your best.

What are the core values for your business?