Communication Consulting

Communication Consulting

Communication is an essential element of effective leadership. And it has bottom-line impact, either positive or negative. Is your company maximizing the impact of company-wide or “all hands” meetings?

Improving the quality of your company’s communication is difficult. It requires experience, insight, and an understanding of your company’s strategy, culture, and needs.

OiR leverages the unique skills of Gordon McAlister, a PhD in Communication and a successful entrepreneur, to provide evaluation and consulting tailored to your specific needs. Areas of focus include more effective company-wide or “all hands” meetings, day-to-day operations and training, and external communications related to products or services.

We start with identifying your specific goals and the differences you wish to make. We provide everything from a single page list of bullet points, to edited presentation slides, to customized training sessions for individuals or groups.

We measure the impact of these changes by simple, anonymous staff surveys administered before and after the changes.

Business benefits from communication consulting include:

  • Making messages memorable and widely understood
  • Improved clarity and staff focus on critical activities
  • Changes in behavior – “getting it” and applying it
  • Fine-tuned responses to your message, based on “feed forward” analysis
  • Clear strategy and agenda for company-wide communications, including meetings, emails, other events
  • Matching content, format, and style to engage your staff

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