Getting Started With EOS®

How to Get Started With EOS

If you think EOS might be helpful for your business, it’s time to engage your leadership team in the discussion. Together, you have two decisions to make:

1. Do we really want to run our business on EOS?

There are some things that the entire Leadership Team will need to do, both individually and as a group.  One example is a weekly Leadership Team meeting, called an “Level 10 Meeting” in EOS.

With so many EOS companies in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, ask around in your personal network.  Learn from the experiences and suggestions of those companies as you determine the “fit” between EOS and your company.

2. If we decide to implement EOS, which of the two options for EOS implementation will work best for us?

Finding an EOS Implementer™ the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro is not difficult as there are over 15 EOS Implementers in this area alone.  Select two or three based on recommendations and your own online research, and set-up a 30-60 minute conversation with each of them – just the CEO and the EOS Implementer.

Then schedule a 90-Minute Meeting with your leadership team and the one or two EOS Implementers you feel are the best fit for your company. This meeting provides an overview of EOS, the EOS tools, and the EOS Process™.

This meeting is an educational event, NOT a high-pressure sales pitch. It’s just the simplest, best way for you and your team to learn about EOS in some depth and to connect with an EOS expert.

There’s no charge for this meeting and no obligation to do anything more. It’s a valuable learning event that will answer all your questions and fully equip you and your team to decide how best to move forward with EOS.  One critical output is building consensus within the leadership team on the correct course for your business.

Another option is to “self-implement” EOS, utilizing the Traction© book, free tools available on the EOS Website, and possibly having a leadership team member complete the EOS Implementer Base Camp™ course.

Some companies start out as “self-implementers,” then later work with an EOS Implementer to move farther and faster.  Others will start with an EOS Implementer, then “graduate” to self-implementation.  Some will work with multiple EOS Implementers over the course of the years.

The Bottom Line...

The “bottom line” is that there is no “one size fits all” approach to EOS implementation.

Check out knowledgeable EOS companies in your network, have discussions with your leadership team, research and interview your EOS Implementer options, and have at least one 90-Minute Meeting with your entire leadership team.

Interested in EOS® at Your Company?

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