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Unique Traction®/EOS® Services

Traction/EOS is my abbreviation for the Entrepreneurial Opearating System®. This simple, yet powerful management operating system was developed specifically for companies with revenues under $50 million.

Traction/EOS optimizes business performance, increases CEO confidence, and builds company value by maximizing leadership team effectiveness.  It focuses on the “Three A’s©” — alignment, action, accountability.

The equation below represents the relationship between the Three A’s: (Alignment) x (Action) x (Accountability) drives Execution.

A3  E

Whether you’re considering Traction/EOS for the first time, are self-implementing and plan to continue, or are seeking EOS® Implementer options we should talk.

My approach is unique in the following ways:

  1. Offerings for EOS Self-Implementing companies.  Self-implementing makes sense for most companies.
  2. Comprehensive Traction/EOS Spectrum, including both EOS “Pure” and enhanced models.
  3. Pricing for facilitation scaled to company size.
  4. EOS Implementer with CEO experience in three companies, with revenues $10-47 million.

I’m always pleased to have a complimentary, no obligation telephone conversation to explore which one of these offerings makes sense for your company.

Introduction & Fit Assessment

Thinking about adopting Traction®/EOS® for your company? Look before you leap.

For Self-Implementers

Useful feedback to help improve performance for EOS® self-implementing companies.

Implementer Services

Tailored Facilitation Of EOS® ranging in intensity up to weekly meeting facilitation.

Interested in EOS® at Your Company?

Contact us to schedule a 30-minute phone call to discuss your goals.