For Self-Implementers

For Self-Implementing EOS Companies – “Tune Up” Options

Until now there have been no services designed for self-implementing EOS companies. If your EOS self-implementation has become stuck on a plateau, has encountered a stumbling block, or simply needs some adjustments, these services offer solutions. They are designed to be cost-effective, practical, and tailored to continued self-implementation.

Your “EOS Repairman,” Mark Capaldini is an experienced EOS Implementer, who has facilitated 250 L10 meetings, dozens of EOS Full Days, and dozens of 1on1 CEO coaching sessions. He has worked much more closely with his EOS clients than the typical EOS Implementer.

Traction Diagnostic

A small one-time project for EOS self-implementing companies, providing useful feedback for improved performance.  It includes a total of 9 hours of consulting, split between document review, L10 observation, report prep, meeting to review recommendations, telephone follow-up.

  1. Interview of CEO re issues, perceived obstacles – 1.5 hours
  2. Review documents – VTO, Accountability Chart, Rocks, To-Do’s, L10 Agenda, others as appropriate – 2 hours
  3. Observation in L10 meeting, plus preview with CEO – 1.5 hours
  4. Write up observations and recommendations: 1-2 pages – 1 hour
  5. Review report, with focus on recommendations – 1.5 hours
  6. Telephone follow-up, within 90 days – 1.5 hours

While any trained EOS Implementer could do portions of this review, such as the document review, very few have any experience in facilitating L10 meetings or in 1on1 CEO coaching.

Many EOS Implementers, offer some form of EOS assessment for free.  But they do so with the hope that the company will retain them as an EOS facilitator.  This offering is designed specifically for companies who are and will continue to self-implement.

Price: Flat one-time fee of $2,000.

Custom Services

Another option is custom support, focused on very specific improvements or activities.  We collaborate with you to tailor custom programs to your specific needs and schedule.

For example, you might request the following tasks and activities:

  • Observe an L10 meeting and provide feedback in private
  • Observe a portion of a Quarterly and provide feedback in private
  • Review your documents as you produce them — assume 1-2 hours per document
  • Serve as a sounding board and “EOS coach” to you in 1on1 meetings
  • Facilitate specific IDS sessions on topics that are complex, sensitive, etc.

Price: Hourly rates vary from $250 to $400, depending on the number of hours contracted.  The higher the number of contracted hours, the lower the hourly rate.

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