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Coaching Executives from Experience

My executive coaching focus is on CEO’s and senior executives.  I have personally occupied these roles for a number of companies for 20+ years.  I have worked in companies of all sizes, from under $5 million in revenue to over $1 billion in revenue, and several levels in between.

There is no substitute for experience I believe. In my case, that principle applies to senior operating roles and to companies in a range of industry sectors.

In addition to having held c-suite and executive positions, I have also been an executive coaching client on three occasions. In each I was selected because I was considered a “high potential” manager, with opportunities to strengthen my communication style and certain aspects of my working relationships.  I have undergone 360-degree assessments, taken an array of questionnaires, and received follow-up coaching.

Having been “on both sides” of the executive coaching relationship is a dual experience that I believe is truly valuable to my clients and to their organizations.

I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to executive coaching.  I’ve seen multiple modes for executive coaching be effective. However, the thread through all of them is a deep and consistent focus on communication, collaboration, and leadership. I find these most critical for success.

I believe that consistent behavioral changes are necessary to improve effectiveness.  A behavioral change may be as simple as holding your team to higher standards, or as complex as tailoring the way you communicate with individuals. But it’s not a “one-shot” deal.  It’s about making adjustments that are sustained, acknowledged, and recognized – by your subordinates, your peers, and your superiors.

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