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Sounding Board & Probing Questioner

Sometimes a CEO needs an independent perspective and a sounding board. Professional advisors who have an existing professional relationship may not be completely objective. And they may be understandably reluctant to have direct, penetrating, and open discussion about the challenges facing the CEO and the company.

I’ve been in your seat. With the joy and the burden of making decisions that will affect the company, its owners, its employees, and business partners. It’s never easy…and sometimes it’s uncomfortable, stressful, and risky.

I don’t know your business. And I’m unlikely to have the “silver bullet” answer to your questions.

But I’m experienced at listening, digging into underlying causes, and asking useful questions. My 2-year MBA program was all about asking the right questions. So that’s what I do. And my clients tell me I’ve been helpful to them in that regard.

I’ve been active as an Executive Coach for five years. My focus is to find the best possible resource to help my client solve problems. Occasionally I can help personally. But much more often, my role is to recommend specialist resources that I have vetted by direct interaction or via strong recommendations from trusted sources in my extensive personal network.

Here are some examples of how I’ve helped CEO’s as their Executive Coach:

Personnel Issues

Helped assess whether the individual in a role was the right fit.  Suggested an employment attorney to draft a severance agreement. Departing employee’s attorney complimented the document prepared by the client attorney I recommended.  RESULT: Smooth and orderly transition.

Sales Process & Training

Identify a sales assessment, training, and sales process resource who was an excellent and productive fit for my client company.  My client worked with that sales consultant for almost 2 years, assessing all current and prospective sales staff, coaching individuals, and implementing a new, more selective sales process.  RESULT: Sales grew substantially while the firm prepared fewer RFP’s with a much higher success ratio.

Virtual CFO & New Bank Line Of Credit

CEO had a request from the bank to renew the existing line of credit. I recommended asking for an extension of 90 days so that a part-time virtual CFO could clean up accounting records (mix of operating and real estate entities) and develop a simple spreadsheet model of the company.  RESULT: The bank was so pleased with the new documents that it doubled the line of credit and made a 7-year, SBA supported commitment.

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