Executive Coaching

Sounding Board & Probing Questioner

Sometimes a CEO needs an independent perspective and a sounding board. Professional advisors who have an existing professional relationship may not be completely objective. And they may be understandably reluctant to have direct, penetrating, and open discussion about the challenges facing the CEO and the company.

I’ve been in your seat. With the joy and the burden of making decisions that will affect the company, its owners, its employees, and business partners. It’s never easy … and sometimes it’s uncomfortable, stressful, and risky.

I don’t know your business. And I’m unlikely to have the “silver bullet” answer to your questions.

But I’m decent at listening, digging into underlying causes, and asking useful questions. I felt that my 2-year MBA program was all about asking the right questions. So that’s what I try to do. And my clients tell me I’ve been helpful to them in that regard.

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