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Putting the Puck in the Right Goal — Part 2

By Gordon McAlister, Communications Consultant [For Part 1, see the Blog at] The GOAL of effective communication is NOT just effective communication.  It’s RESULTS. While so much of an athletes focus is on scoring, the ultimate goal is not just to score goals. The ultimate goal of scoring goals is winning.  Keeping that focus is not as easy or obvious as it may seem.…

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Putting the Puck in the Right Net — Part 1

by Gordon McAlister, Communications Consultant A player breaks free, skates unopposed toward the net, shoots, and scores – a goal for the other team. Clearly, not a part of the game plan. Why does it happen?  The player has become disoriented, failed to re-orient, and focus on the right goal. (This happens in other sports as well, but I’m in Minnesota.) In the world of…

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