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EOS IDS: 4 Ways Leadership Teams Can Improve Effectiveness

EOS®, also known as the “Entrepreneurial Operating System” or “Traction” is an effective management operating system for businesses. EOS incorporates proven processes and tools that help leadership teams achieve results. The weekly leadership team meeting (the “Level 10” meeting in EOS terminology) is at the heart of the model. Within the L10 agenda is a segment called “IDS.” That is the acronym for the 3-step process used…

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Is Teamwork Overrated?

Is teamwork overrated?  It is constantly cited in business media.  Seemingly every manager or executive profile contains a phrase about “team building skills.”  But it is NOT a panacea — a solution for all problems.  And in that sense, it is indeed overrated. My conclusion was fueled by a recent “Schumpeter” column in The Economist. See the link at the bottom of this post. Teams…

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What is Critical to Leadership Success in the 21st Century?

While preparing for a discussion session at a recent workshop I wrestled with an important question:  “What qualities or abilities are critical to success as a leader?”  I believe that the answer to such a question evolves with the times and the challenges of those times. My initial notes listed qualities such as honesty, integrity, hard work, persistence, creativity, flexibility, and resilience.  Those are important,…

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CEO’s Need Mentors Too

Today CEO’s face complex and dynamic challenges. While there are terrific resources available through CEO peer groups, all too rarely do CEO’s consider their options for mentors. In the April 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review, Suzanne de Janasz and Maury Peiperl concisely present the results of research concerning CEO’s who have utilized mentors. (See the link below for full text of the article.) While…

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