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How Three Moves Quadrupled the Value of this Business

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to create some recurring revenue for your business?  You know those automatic sales will make your business more valuable and predictable, but the secret to transforming your company is to think less about what’s in it for you and more about coming up with a reason for customers to agree to a monthly bill. Take a look…

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Private Company Advisory Board Service

Background Most private company owners would like to have an advisory board.  But it’s often not clear how to proceed in constructing one.  A variety of questions need to be addressed.  How do you find a diverse, but small collection set of potential members with a broad array of functional expertise?  How much time and effort will the search take?  How about relevant industry (e.g.…

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Core Values at Opportunity into Revenue

Several years ago, my colleagues at Thomson Reuters in the Government Segment, Law School Libraries, and Global Legal Products helped me articulate some important assumptions about the way we approached our business.  The entire document fit easily on one page — and none of the statements had more than nine words.  But these concise statements of our “Business Beliefs” served as an important reminder of…

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