• October 17, 2016

Valuable Links List — Oct 2016

Valuable Links List — Oct 2016

Valuable Links List — Oct 2016 1024 768 Opportunity Into Revenue

Once a month I share a list of links to valuable articles on reputable websites. These resources help me in my work. I hope that they will be relevant and useful to you, too. This link list or “round up” is created and shared for your convenience.

I also post these individual links on social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. But you may not see those individual posts in the torrent of daily traffic on those services.

These monthly posts will also be preserved in my blog archive. You can search by topic, as well as by date, in that archive.

Leadership & Teams (from Insperity blog)
What to say to your team after a firing. Preserve privacy, address concerns one-on-one. Excellent advice.

Marketing, Sales (from Harvard Business Review, @HarvardBiz)
Focus on the front lines for company growth. That’s where the real action is — and where great leaders focus.

Strategy & Execution (from Seth Godin, @sethgodin)
Value Creation Checklist — for a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a company.

Sales (from Harvard Business Review, @HarvardBiz)
Run B2B Sales on Data, Not Hunches. Facts, gathered deeply into your accounts.

Strategy & Execution (from Inc magazine, @jasonfried @Inc)
The Myth of Low-Hanging Fruit. “Results rarely come without effort.”

Leadership & Teams (from New York Times, @nytimes)
How to Become a CEO? Mix of skills counts more than depth in one specialty.